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Campsie Books | About & FAQ's


Not an amazon company, not a charity or a community company, a small business. No gimmicks, that's a promise. It's all about the books.

Hi. My name is Ronnie McKeitch, I live in Kirkintilloch, Scotland and I've always fancied running a bookshop.

In my youth I co-owned and ran a record shop (Lost in Music) just off Byres Road in Glasgow, great fun & made a good living at it. Then 26 years of real work owning and running small print shops (The Copy Bureau, ScottishPrint and briefly Printing and Printed), again in Glasgow's West End.

Hopefully now and for a good while it's gonna be Campsie Books (Independent Online Bookshop).

One slight, but hopefully temporary drawback, no shop as yet, just a house full of carefully chosen and well looked after books, hence . . .

Campsie Books | Book Shelf


Can I trust you to forward the books you're selling ?

Yes. All books are in stock, safely stored. The only way to grow a business is to give exceptional service and deliver as promised. Card payments are taken through Paypal, a system I trust and have used successfully for many years or through Shopify, the platform on which this website was built. You as the customer pay no fees.

How do you price your 2nd Hand Books ?

Price is decided upon by taking into account; the type of book (hardback or paperback, etc), the condition of the book and the rarity value of the book.

The thickness & weight of the book also plays a part as thicker or heavier books can be very expensive to post. Please bear in mind a Royal Mail Small Parcel (e.g. a thicker than standard paperback) costs us £3.20 to post 2nd Class, of which we only pass on £1 to you, the customer.

We also always try to compete with Amazon's best prices wherever possible.

What about the condition of the 2nd Hand Books you're selling ?

All books are carefully examined and graded before being listed. Please see or Book Grading Page for details. You won't be disappointed. No cracked spines, no tears, no blemishes, etc. Any books in less than acceptable condition aren't put up for sale.

The vast majority of the books will be in "Very Good" condition, that is to say almost as good as new. Finally, many are "As New". . . In fact most of these these are new - bought, shelved and unread.

All books and other products are covered by our "14 Day No Questions Guarantee" - please order with confidence.

Are my payments & card details secure ?

Yes. We hold no payment details. Card payments are held only by either Paypal or Shopify Payments (Powered by Stripe) depending on which payment method used.

Shopify & Paypal payments will be processed through our accounts with the name "Campsie Books" appearing on your statements.

Where's the blog, the events. . .  . . . and other fancy website stuff ?

There may be blog posts soon, however it's not a priority. No events planned.

Campsie Books | Book Shelf

The Plan

The aim is to create a simple, straightforward website, one packed with books you'd love to read & own. More books will be added very regularly. I'm trying to make this website easy and enjoyable to browse through, trying to re-create the pleasure of wonderful lost hours spent browsing through a real bookshop.

Many more top quality 2nd Hand Books & a much bigger selection of New Books (and some more music) to follow during 2022.

Grab a coffee and have a good browse through :)

Feedback / Questions

. . . If you have any feedback or further questions please use our Contact Page or Email me at :

Thanks very much,

Ronnie McKeitch - Campsie Books