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Alan Johnson - This Boy (A Memoir of a Childhood) (2nd Hand Hardback)

SKU B001068
  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Hardback with Dust Jacket
  • Condition : Very Good
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Autobiography & Biography
  • Published : 2013 (Bantam - 1st Edition)
  • ISBN : 9780593069646
  • SKU : B001068
  • PPC : SP500gm
  • RRP : £16.99 (Unclipped)
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.

Alan Johnson's childhood was not so much difficult as unusual, particularly for a man who was destined to become Home Secretary. Not in respect of the poverty, which was shared with many of those living in Britain's post-war slums, but in its transition from being part of a two-parent family to having a single mother and then to no parents at all . . .

This is essentially the story of two incredible women: Alan's mother, Lily, who battled against poor health, poverty, domestic violence and loneliness to try to ensure a better life for her children; and his sister, Linda, who had to assume an enormous amount of responsibility at a very young age and who fought to keep the family together and out of care when she herself was still only a child.

This Boy is one man's story, but it is also the story of England and the West London slums which are hard to imagine in the capital today.

No matter how harsh the details, Alan Johnson writes with a spirit of generous acceptance, of humour and openness which makes his book anything but a grim catalogue of miseries.

'The best memoir by a politician you will ever read' - Philip Collins, The Times.

"A politician’s memoir for people who don’t like politician’s memoirs. Some will call Johnson’s childhood ‘Dickensian’ but the comparison misleads. Misty eyes are outlawed. There are no plays for sympathy, no tragedy milked dry for political street-cred. The facts, sharply observed and crisply reported are what Johnson delivers, elevating the book far above the level of a misery memoir." - Goodreads Reviews.


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