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Daniel Boorstin - The Americans #1 (The Colonial Experience) (2nd Hand Paperback)

SKU B000322
  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Good (A little browning around page edges only)
  • Category : Non-Fiction - USA
  • Published : 1958 (This re-print later. Cardinal)
  • ISBN : 9780747401148
  • SKU : B000322
  • PPC : SP350gm
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.

Winner of the Bancroft Prize.

This first volume in "The Americans" trilogy defines the unique qualities of the American nation and rediscovers the American character and way of life as it was shaped in the decisive years between the coming of the Pilgrims and the winning of Independence.

"A superb panorama of life in America from the first settlements on through the white hot days of the Revolution." - Bruce Lancaster, Saturday Review.

"This is an excellent work. That said, you should know what you're looking for when you pick it up. If you are trying to find a history textbook to give you a factual synopsis of the major events in American history, this is not it. This book reads like a collection of essays on different political, cultural, and intellectual trends in Colonial America. Like any other collection of opinions, there is plenty of room for disagreeing with some of Boorstin's analysis and conclusions. Still, he supports his positions well, and the book is packed with insights that will expand your understanding of colonial America." - Thrift Books Review.

"Daniel Boorstin is one of the best. After reading this book, I had a much better understanding of the American colonial experience. I also understood to a greater degree the affects that Christianity has had on our culture. In this book, Boorstin compares three colonies. It is interesting to read the cultural differences. I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in the origins of America." - Thrift Books Review.


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