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David W. Barber - When The Fat Lady Sings (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Subtitled : Opera History As It Ought To Be Taught.

David. W. Barber has delighted readers all around the world with the quirky definitions of Accidentals on Purpose, the irreverent history of Bach, Beethoven and the Boys, a hilariously offbeat history of dance and ballet in Tutus, Tights and Tiptoes and a host of other internationally bestselling books of musical humour and literature.

With When the Fat Lady Sings, the popular author and musical humourist turns his attention to what Dr. Johnson called that “exotic and irrational entertainment,” the world of opera.

Here are stories of love and lusty, jealousy, intrigue, murder and tragic death - and that’s just the stuff happening off stage, in the composers’ personal lives. Wait till you read about the opera plots. Informal yet informative, witty yet wise, this book will both enlighten and entertain you.

As always, Dave Donald has provided witty and clever cartoons that perfectly complement the text.

When the Fat Lady Sings has sold more than 60,000 copies worldwide.

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  • Category : Non-Fiction - Music, Stage, Screen & TV
  • Published : 1990 (Sound & Vision)
  • ISBN : 0920151116
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External Reviews

“This is a very humorous book, but at the same time it tells it like it is, or was. David’s not really fabricating anything, he just manages to give you the gist of the history while leaving out all the boring bits.” - Canadian contralto Maureen Forrester, from the Preface

“I must say I still adore opera. I know it is just as silly as Mr. Barber says it is, but I love it" - Musical Humourist, Anna Russell, from the Foreword.

The Author

David W. Barber is the best-selling author of several Sound And Vision books including Bach, Beethoven and the Boys and Tutus, Tights and Tiptoes, and also editor of two previous books in the Quotable series, Quotable Alice and Quotable Sherlock.