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DK - History (The Definitive Visual History) (Ed. Adam Hart-Davis) (2nd Hand Hardback)

SKU B001597
  • Format : Huge, Thick & Very Heavy 2nd Hand Hardback with Dust Jacket.
  • Condition : Very Good
  • Category : Non-Fiction - History & Futurology
  • Published : 2007 (Dorling Kindersley)
  • ISBN : 9781856130622
  • SKU : B001597
  • PPC : MP3200gm
  • RRP : £18.95
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.

Homo sapiens have remained the same species, largely unchanged in genetic makeup and anatomy since the Cro-Magnon era. By contrast, the cultural, social, and technological changes since then have been nothing less than extraordinary.

Telling our story, from prehistory to the present day, DK's History is a thought-provoking journey, revealing the common threads and forces that have shaped human history.


  • Inventions, discoveries, and ideas that have shaped world history.
  • A look at human achievement through artifacts, painting, sculpture, and architecture.
  • An examination of humankind in context as part of the natural world.
  • Eyewitness accounts and biographies of key figures.
  • A comprehensive timeline chronicling the key events of the countries of the world.

"I love books published by DK! They always provide interesting information about a particular topic and arrange it in a user-friendly manner. This book is no exception!

This book begins 3,000+ years BC and works its way up to the present. I freely admit that I did not read the entire book, but rather pieces and parts.

Each chapter covers an era in history and begins with a timeline for that period.

At the end of the book is a section that traces individual histories of the world's countries, from the oldest surviving republic to the UN's latest member and shows how modern nations have emerged like a phoenix from the ashes of past empires and/or survived major wars." - Goodreads Review.