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Evelyn Waugh - Decline and Fall (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Decline and Fall is a novel by the English author Evelyn Waugh, first published in 1928. It was Waugh's first published novel; an earlier attempt, titled The Temple at Thatch, was destroyed by Waugh while still in manuscript form.

Expelled from Oxford for indecent behaviour, Paul Pennyfeather is oddly unsurprised to find himself qualifying for the position of schoolmaster at Llanabba Castle. His colleagues are an assortment of misfits, including Prendy (plagued by doubts) and Captain Grimes, who is always in the soup (or just plain drunk).

As fresh and vibrant today as it was when it was first published in 1928, Decline and Fall is a masterpiece of social satire, a hearty, witty, playful lampooning of the social mores of 1920’s England. Nothing and nobody escapes Waugh’s penetrating gaze in this iconoclastic riot of a novel.

Taking its title from Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Evelyn Waugh's first, funniest novel immediately caught the ear of the public with his account of an ingénu abroad in the decadent confusion of 1920s high society.

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  • Published : 1928 (This Edition 2001 - Penguin Modern Classics)
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External Reviews

"Waugh’s anarchic debut novel is a biting satire on 1920s society that places a disgraced Oxford student in an ill-advised teaching position at an obscure Welsh school. Decline and Fall’s cast of outlandish characters - from dissolute teachers to Machiavellian socialites - elevates a picaresque farce into a hilarious literary gem." - Waterstones.

'The funniest book I have ever read' - Julian Symons, The Times.

'His first, most perfect novel . . . a ruthlessly comic plot.' - John Mortimer, The Guardian.

The Author

Arthur Evelyn St. John Waugh was an English writer of novels, biographies, and travel books; he was also a prolific journalist and book reviewer. His most famous works include the early satires Decline and Fall and A Handful of Dust, the novel Brideshead Revisited, and the Second World War trilogy Sword of Honour.

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