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George Douglas Brown - The House With The Green Shutters (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Edited with an Introduction & Notes by Dorothy McMillan.

The brutish John Gourlay is a merchant in the village of Barbie, envied and resented by the villagers because of his success, which is symbolised in his prestigious house with green shutters.

He dominates and bullies his family, in particular his gifted, sensitive but weak son.

Ultimately, his refusal to acknowledge the arrival of the railway and to adapt to the increasing industrialisation of Ayrshire precipitates murder, suicide and his family's tragic downfall.

Although a powerful expose of late Victorian society, many of the criticisms inherent in The House With the Green Shutters are as apt today as they were a hundred years ago.

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  • Category : Fiction - Scottish Fiction
  • Published : 1901 (This Edition 2005 - Polygon/Birlinn)
  • ISBN : 9781904598589
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External Reviews

"Brown's masterpiece was practically the first Scottish novel since Galt which dealt with nineteenth-century Scottish life as it really was; to do this, and to get away from the sentimentalism of the Kailyard, it had to be sharply, almost brutally realistic." - Kurt Wittig, The Scottish Tradition in Literature.

"I first read this book in a Scottish Literary Course some forty years ago. I appreciated the terseness of the language. The characters of the 'bodies' were well drawn. They would hound Gourlay when he was down but were afraid to tackle him when he was in the ascendency. The tragedy of his son, daughter and wife was also well expressed." - Amazon Review.

The Author

George Douglas Brown was born in 1869 in Ayrshire. The illegitimate son of a local farmer, he was raised by his mother. He gained a bursary to the University of Glasgow and later a scholarship to Balliol College, Oxford.

After his mother's death, Brown moved to London and began a career in journalism. He contributed to a variety of journals and, in the autumn of 1900, began writing The House With the Green Shutters, which was favourably received and compared to Balzac and Stevenson. Aged only 33, he died of pneumonia in 1902.