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H.G. Wells - The Outline of History (Vol. 1 & 2) (2 Volume 2nd Hand Hardback Set)

SKU B001755
  • Format : Large, 2 Volume, 2nd Hand Hardback Set
  • Condition : Good (For Age) (Some tanning to page edges)
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Antiquarian Non-Fiction
  • Published : 1920 (George Newnes Ltd)
  • ISBN : -
  • SKU : B001755
  • PPC : MP3800gm
  • Quantity Available : 1 Set only.

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Both 1920. Both Hardcover. Both Good, 780 pages in total. No dust jackets.

Both volumes solid & complete. Bindings tight. George Newnes Ltd. Southampton St, Strand WC2, London.

"Being a Plain History of Life & Mankind by H.G. Wells. Written with the advice and editorial help of Ernest Barker, Sir H.H. Johnston, Sir E. Ray Lankester and Professor Gilbert Murray. Illustrated by J.F. Horrabin."

Quarter bound with green leather. remainder being green cloth hardback. Spines have gilt lettering. Contains many colour illustrated plates. All pages are fine & bright with light tanning at outside page edges only. No tears, dents or scuffs.

H.G. Wells had been very dissatisfied with the quality of history textbooks at the end of World War I, and so, between 1918 and 1919, produced publications which were published in serial softcover (magazine) form in 1919, with the first hardcover edition appearing in 1920.

This 2 volume set - The Outline of History - 2 Volume Set (1920 - George Newnes) - is the first edition complete in book form. previous editions had been serial magazine collections.

The books met with popular acclaim and massive sales. In these books Wells summarises much of what was known or believed in his time about the course of history. His style of writing is opinionated & very readable. These captivating books are filled with marvellous illustrations and wonderful maps & diagrams - for the time this work was truly unique.

"Quite a wonderful, and extensive, work. Wells takes the reader through human civilisation, admittedly from the viewpoint of Europeanism, from the Palaeolithic Period all the way to the end of WW1 and the League of Nations. He reviews the great empires and the origins of the great religions, explaining their doctrines and the ways of each faith.

The final chapter is exceptional in its describing the benefits of civilisation which could evolve beyond dogma, warfare, empire and ignorance.

A great read and extremely informative close to, but not quite on, the level of Gibbon. Highly recommended." - Goodreads Review.


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