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J.R. Green - A Short History of The English People (2nd Hand Hardback)

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Folio Society Edition . . . Slip case not included - missing.

With a history so extensive, the story of England's people is told in this hefty 878-page volume and still is considered to be 'short'. Originally published in 1874, this modern reprint is illustrated with engraved illustrations, many from the British Museum. A Short History of the English People became an instant best seller and was hugely popular for many years.

This Folio Society edition remains true to the original text with minor emendations.

There are ten chapters covering the following: The English Kingdoms (607-1013); England Under Foreign Kings (1013-1204); The Great Charter (1204-1265); The Three Edwards (1265-1360); The Hundred Years' War (1336-1431); The New Monarchy (1422-1540); The Reformation; Puritan England; The Revolution; Modern England (up to 1815); Epilogue.

This deluxe copy has been edited and introduced by Roger Hudson.

  • Format : Thick, Heavy 2nd Hand Hardback (Slip Case Missing)
  • Condition : Good
  • Category : Non-Fiction - History & Futurology
  • Published : 1874 (This Edition 1992 - Folio Society)
  • ISBN : Unknown
  • SKU : B002330
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Folio Society First Impression.
Green Cloth Hardback, 878 pp.
Reproduction etchings, engravings and paintings plus maps.
Size - 250 x 175mm, 2kg.

External Reviews

A Short History of the English People was on publication described thus, "it is a history, not of English Kings or English Conquests, but of the English People."

The Author

John Richard Green (12 December 1837 - 7 March 1883) was an English historian from Oxford, where he is commemorated by the J. R. Green Society, which meets several times a term and is run by students from the undergraduate body.