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John Steinbeck - Of Mice & Men (2nd Hand Paperback)

SKU B001735
  • Format : Small Slim 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Good
  • Category : Fiction - Classics
  • Published : 1937 (This Ed. 1974 - Pan Books)
  • ISBN : -
  • SKU : B001735
  • PPC : LL150gm
  • RRP : 50p
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.

Hard to find 70's Pan Edition of the classic short novella.

Published in 1937, Of Mice and Men tells the story of George Milton and Lennie Small, two displaced migrant ranch workers, who move from place to place in California in search of new job opportunities during the Great Depression in the United States. It's the compelling story of two outsiders striving to find their place in an unforgiving world.

Drifters in search of work, George and his simple-minded friend Lennie have nothing in the world except each other and a dream - a dream that one day they will have some land of their own. Eventually they find work on a ranch in California’s Salinas Valley, but their hopes are doomed as Lennie, struggling against extreme cruelty, misunderstanding and feelings of jealousy, becomes a victim of his own strength.

Tackling universal themes such as the friendship of a shared vision, and giving voice to America’s lonely and dispossessed, Of Mice and Men has proved one of Steinbeck’s most popular works, achieving success as a novel, a Broadway play and three acclaimed films.

"One of the reasons John Steinbeck is my favourite author is that when he pens description, I don't want it to end, and when he switches to dialogue, I don't want his characters to stop talking either." - Goodreads Review.


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