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Judith Binney - Encircled Lands (2nd Hand Hardback)

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NZ Post Book of the Year 2010.

Judith Binney is well known for her work on Maori history, including a sympathetic biography of religious leader and colonial-era bogey-man Te Kooti. This book "Encircled Lands", takes us into Tuhoe territory, the Urewera – a name with earthy meaning and long history.

This is a physically impressive volume marvellously illustrated and printed to a very high standard. It is well worth the money as an example of the book-maker's art alone.

In more than 600 close-printed pages, Binney traces the history of Tuhoe's relationship with Pakeha from first contact in the 1830's, through to the 1920's. She presents an impressive depth of research; she has immersed herself in Tuhoe and their land.

For Europeans during the nineteenth century, the Urewera was a remote wilderness; for those who lived there, it was a sheltering heartland. This history documents the first hundred years of the ‘Rohe Pōtae’ (the ‘encircled lands’ of the Urewera) following European contact.

By Binney's account their history is a litany of invasion, loss, betrayal and broken Pakeha promises. Tuhoe had to endure George Whitmore's scorched-earth effort to destroy their livelihood in the mid-1860's.

As the fighting ended, they attained a form of independence, a status given formal standing by Richard Seddon in 1896 as the "Urewera District Native Reserve". But by 1922 that had been abolished. Meanwhile, Pakeha launched further intrusions, including the 1916 arrest of Rua Kenana in 1916, ostensibly for sly-grogging. The police expedition had all the appearance of a large-scale military raid.

Binney gives us blow-by-blow accounts of land court hearings, political battles and efforts by Tuhoe to assert their rights. She explores divisions within Tuhoe, as in 1895 when a splinter group emerged in the face of a mineral survey. She also examines Tuhoe relationships with other Maori such as Te Kooti and Ropata (Rapata) Wahawaha.

Her coverage of these aspects is as complete as it is possible to get in a single-volume book.

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  • Published : 2009 (Bridget Williams Books - 1st Edition)
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Full colour & glossy throughout. 670pp.

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External Reviews

"Binney is too careful a historian to overtly judge the past by modern standards - a flaw of much "industry" work. However, while we cannot excuse the behaviour of colonial officials, we do need to place what they did in context of the standards that applied when they made their decisions.

To me, Binney's book is a way-point, intellectually impressive, a necessary account that explores one aspect of the Tuhoe experience. I feel, however, that it will be more valuable in the longer term for what Binney's selection of material and arguments say about today's priorities, than for what she says about our history." - Matthew Wright, Sunday Times Star.

'[Encircled Lands] takes the reader through Tuhoe trials and tribulations in a way which no other history book on Māori has ever achieved.' - Wharehuia Milroy.

The Author

Dame Judith Mary Caroline Binney DNZM FRSNZ was a New Zealand historian, writer and Emerita Professor of History at the University of Auckland. Her work focussed on religion in New Zealand, especially the Māori Ringatū religion founded by Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki and continued by Rua Kenana.