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Judy Parkinson - Spilling The Beans on The Cat's Pyjamas (2nd Hand Paperback)

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How on earth did 'with bells on' come to express enthusiasm? Why is good health compared to a small stringed instrument? ('As fit as a fiddle.') And what do pickles have to do with quandaries?

Let's not beat about the bush: despite the fact that we have all used these phrases at one time or another, and even enjoyed expressing them, they are in truth - when you take a moment to consider them - completely senseless and utterly fantastical.

We all know what somebody means when they use these phrases due to our common knowledge of them, but it wouldn't be surprising if, when asked to explain them, you found that the cat had got your tongue, or you simply clammed up!

"Spilling the Beans on the Cat's Pyjamas" provides us with the meanings to these well-worn and much-loved phrases by putting these linguistic quirks in context, and explaining how and why they were first used.

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  • Published : 2009 (This Edition 2013 - Michael O'Mara Books)
  • ISBN : 9781782430117
  • SKU : B002531
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External Reviews

"If you'd like to know the origins of some of our most baffling phrases, take a look at this" - Daily Express.

"Provides a wealth of fascinating facts about the meaning and origin of phrases we use every day. With every page guaranteed to entertain and inform, this really is the bee's knees when it comes to the perfect gift!" - Lancashire Evening Post.

"Reveals the origins and meanings of some of the most popular and obscure sayings we use today" - Daily Mirror.

The Author

Judy Parkinson is the author of the Sunday Times bestseller 'I before E (Except after C)', which has been featured everywhere from the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme to questions asked on University Challenge. She is also the author of 'Remember, Remember the Fifth of November: The History of Britain in Bite-sized Chunks' and 'Spilling the Beans on the Cat's Pyjamas: Popular Expressions - What They Mean and Where We Got Them'. Judy has appeared on national radio and across the media talking about her books.