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Louise Doughty - Platform Seven (2nd Hand Hardback)

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From the writer of Apple Tree Yard.

Platform Seven at 4am: Peterborough Railway Station is deserted.

The man crossing the covered walkway on this freezing November morning is confident he’s alone. As he sits on the metal bench at the far end of the platform it is clear his choice is strategic – he’s as far away from the night staff as he can get. What the man doesn’t realise is that he has company.

Lisa Evans knows what he has decided. She knows what he is about to do as she tries and fails to stop him walking to the platform edge.

Two deaths on Platform Seven. Two fatalities in eighteen months - surely they’re connected? No one is more desperate to understand what connects them than Lisa Evans herself.

After all, she was the first of the two to die . . .

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Hardback
  • Condition : Very Good (Almost As New)
  • Category : Fiction - Suspense & Thriller
  • Published : 2019 (Faber & Faber - 1st Edition & Author Signed)
  • ISBN : 9780571321940
  • SKU : B001943
  • PPC : SP500gm
  • RRP : £14.99 (Unclipped)
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.

Signed by Louise Doughty to the Title Page.

Hardback 1st Edition. Condition - Very Good (almost As New) & Unread.

External Reviews

"This is an unnerving, chilling and deeply unsettling novel from Louise Doughty, a literary blend of haunting ghost story and thriller revolving around two suicides that take place on the eponymous Platform Seven at Peterborough Station." - Goodreads Review.

The Author

Louise Doughty is an English fiction and non-fiction writer, and a playwright and journalist. She has worked as a The Daily Telegraph columnist and as a BBC Radio 4 presenter. Her ninth novel appeared in 2019.

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