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Lyn MacDonald - The Roses of No Man's Land (2nd Hand Paperback)

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'On the face of it,' writes Lyn Macdonald, 'no one could have been less equipped for the job than these gently nurtured girls who walked straight out of Edwardian drawing rooms into the manifest horrors of the First World War . . .'

Yet the volunteer nurses rose magnificently to the occasion. In leaking tents and draughty huts they fought another war, a war against agony and death, as men lay suffering from the pain of unimaginable wounds or diseases we can now cure almost instantly.

It was here that young doctors frantically forged new medical techniques - of blood transfusion, dentistry, psychiatry and plastic surgery - in the attempt to save soldiers shattered in body or spirit.

And it was here that women achieved a quiet but permanent revolution, by proving beyond question they could do anything.

All this is superbly captured in The Roses of No Man's Land, a panorama of hardship, disillusion and despair, yet also of endurance and supreme courage.

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Very Good
  • Category : Non-Fiction - War & Civil War
  • Published : 1980 (This Ed. 1990 - Penguin)
  • ISBN : 9780140178661
  • SKU : B001237
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External Reviews

'Lyn Macdonald writes splendidly and touchingly of the work of the nurses and doctors who fought their humanitarian battle on the Western Front' -  The Sunday Telegraph.

The Author

Lyn MacDonald, is a British military historian best known for a series of books on the First World War that draw on first hand accounts of surviving veterans. She lives near Cambridge, England. She was a BBC Radio presenter until 1973.