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Maurice Keen - The Penguin History of Medieval Europe (2nd Hand Paperback)

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A classic picture of the politics, society and religion of medieval Europe, the age that had as its theme the unity of Christendom.

Maurice Keen examines tribal wars, the Crusades, the growth of trade and the shifting patterns of community life as villages grew into towns and towns into sizeable cities.

He explores how Papal victories, by blurring the distinction between temporal and spiritual matters, eventually undermined the spiritual authority of the Church. And he discusses how the Hundred Years War escalated from a feudal dispute into a full-scale national conflict, until, by the mid-fifteenth century, changing economic and social conditions had transformed the unity of Christendom into merely a pious phrase.

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  • Published : 1968 (This Edition 1991 - Penguin)
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External Reviews

"As someone who has never studied the Medieval period before, this was a really fantastic introduction to an area of history that I am now compelled to learn more about . . . I particularly loved the chapter on the Crusades, and the exploration of religion at the time."

"This work is a good and brief overview of the general movement of the Middle Ages without feeling it necessary to create an exhaustive account of every detail of history. It works as a good foundational view of the period with which you can add additional meat at your preference (as it was used in my class)." - Goodreads Reviews.

The Author

Maurice Hugh Keen OBE FBA FRHistS FSA was a British historian specializing in the Middle Ages. His father had been the Oxford University head of finance and a Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford, and after schooling at Winchester College, Maurice became an undergraduate there in 1954.