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Michael P. Nichols - The Lost Art of Listening (2nd Hand Paperback)

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  • Format : Slightly Larger 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Very Good
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Health, Medicine, Psychology & Self-Help
  • Published : 2009 (Guildford - USA)
  • ISBN : 9781593859862
  • SKU : B001973
  • PPC : LL400gm
  • RRP : $16.95
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Second Edition.

One person talks ; the other listens.

It's so basic that we take it for granted. Unfortunately, most of us think of ourselves as better listeners than we actually are.

Why do we so often fail to connect when speaking with family members, romantic partners, colleagues, or friends? How do emotional reactions get in the way of real communication?

Why do we often feel cut off when speaking to the people closest to us family members, friends, or colleagues? What is it that keeps so many of us from really listening?

This thoughtful, witty, and empathic book has already helped over 125,000 readers break through conflicts and transform their personal and professional relationships.

Experienced therapist Mike Nichols provides vivid examples, easy-to-learn techniques, and practical exercises for becoming a better listener - and making yourself heard and understood, even in difficult situations.

"This book drives home very deeply just how important listening is to any conversation and relationship you have. The stakes in our interpersonal communication are much higher than you think and the book helps you tune into the pitfalls that occur as we struggle to understand those around us." - Goodreads Review.


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