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Peter A. Hancock - Richard III & The Murder In The Tower (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Richard III is accused of murdering his nephews (the 'Princes in the Tower') in order to usurp the throne of England. Since Tudor times he has been painted as the 'black legend', the murderous uncle.

However, the truth is much more complicated and interesting. Rather than looking at all the killings Richard III did not commit, this book focuses on the one judicial murder for which we know that he was responsible.

On Friday 13 June 1483, William, Lord Hastings was hustled from a meeting of the Royal Council and summarily executed on Tower Green within the confines of the Tower of London.

This book sheds light on the mystery of this precipitate and unadvised action by the then Duke of Gloucester and reveals the key role of William Catesby in Richard's ascent to the throne of England. It explains his curious actions during that tumultuous summer of three kings and provides an explanation for the fate of the 'Princes in the Tower.'

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Very Good
  • Category : Non-Fiction - History & Futurology
  • Published : 2009 (This Edition 2011 - The History Press)
  • ISBN : 9780752457970
  • SKU : B002261
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External Reviews

"Richard is a much maligned king evoking strong feelings even today. This book gives the facts, and from it emerges (for those who are interested) a more balanced outlook of a true, King of England.

One person has pointed out that he did in fact murder members of his brothers family,( his brothers-in- law) this is true, but it was mainly as an act of self preservation. As for "The Princes" there is no proof whatsoever that they were murdered and until such times as The Queen allows the bones in Westminster be removed and examined, this will continue to be the case. I still suspect Margaret Beaufort, she was the only one to directly gain from their deaths, i.e. Henry VII being her son.

Henry VII and Henry VIII murdered many more, and created the reputation of "The Tower" for death." - Amazon Review.

"Interesting theory on the events leading to the murder of the Princes in the Tower. Professor Hancock takes you there with almost a "Time" magazine quality and puts everything into 15th century perspective." - Goodreads Review.