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Peter Oborne & Simon Walters - Alastair Campbell (2nd Hand Paperback)

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With Alastair Campbell's career as the Prime Minster's press spokesman coming to a close amid the huge controversy of the Hutton Inquiry, the debate over Weapons of Mass Destruction and the waging of the war in Iraq, this biography has been completely revised and rewritten with a substantial section of new material to bring the story of Alastair Campbell right up to date as of the end of 2003.

This book is about one of the most powerful unelected figures in British politics, whose combative approach to his job in 2003 has precipitated the most serious row in years between the government and the BBC, occasioned the extraordinary spectacle of an incandescent Campbell walking into Channel 4 News to deliver a live diatribe to Jon Snow, and who, if his many critics are to be believed, was involved, unprecedentedly, at the highest level in the presentation of the intelligence dossier on Weapons of Mass Destruction that made the government's case for war.

This portrait of Tony Blair's right-hand man who has himself become the media story, is written by one of Britain's best political journalists.

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  • Published : 2004 (Aurum)
  • ISBN : 9781845130015
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"This is the first book to tell the full story of this extraordinary man and the political era he came to define" - Publisher.

The Authors

Peter Alan Oborne is a British journalist and broadcaster. He is the former chief political commentator of The Daily Telegraph, from which he resigned in early 2015. He is author of The Rise of Political Lying and The Triumph of the Political Class, and, with Frances Weaver, the pamphlet Guilty Men.

Simon Walters has been writing about British Prime Ministers since the 1980s as a political journalist at Westminster. Four times winner of the Political Journalist of the Year Award at the British Press Awards.