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Richard R. Brettell - Oxford History of Art : Modern Art 1851 - 1929 (2nd Hand Paperback)

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  • Format : Larger, Glossy, Full Colour 2nd Hand Paperback.
  • Condition : As New
  • Category : Non-Fiction : The Arts, Photography & Fashion
  • Published : 1999 (Oxford University Press)
  • ISBN : 9780192842206
  • SKU : B001513
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The period 1851 to 1929 witnessed the rise of the major European avant-garde groups: the Realists, Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, Symbolists, Cubists, and Surrealists. It was also a time of rapid social, economic, and political change, encompassing a revolution in communication systems and technology, and an unprecedented growth in the availability of printed images.

Richard Brettell's innovative account explores the aims and achievements - the beautiful and the bizarre - of artists such as Monet, Gauguin, Picasso, and Dali, in relation to urban capitalism and expansion, colonialism, nationalism and internationalism, and the museum.

Tracing common themes of representation, imagination, perception, and sexuality across works in a wide range of different media he presents a fresh approach to the fine art and photography of this remarkable era.

"The author of this book is clear, knowledgeable, and to the point about his subject matter. Opens new doors and avenues of thought, while provoking a keen sense of understanding related to the book's material. The author also points out causes and affects that are overlooked in all other art text books. An extremely well written and easy reading book!" - Google Books.


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