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Robert Louis Stevenson - Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (2nd Hand Paperback)

SKU B001406

Includes : The Merry Men & Other Stories

'All human beings, as we meet them, are commingled out of good and evil: and Edward Hyde, alone in the ranks of mankind, was pure evil.'

Published as a 'shilling shocker', Robert Louis Stevenson's dark psychological fantasy gave birth to the idea of the split personality.

The story of respectable Dr Jekyll's strange association with 'damnable young man' Edward Hyde; the hunt through fog-bound London for a killer; and the final revelation of Hyde's true identity is a chilling exploration of humanity's basest capacity for evil.

  • Format : Thin 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : As New
  • Category : Fiction - Horror
  • Published : 1886 (This Ed. 1993 - Wordsworth Classics)
  • ISBN : 9781853260612
  • SKU : B001406
  • PPC : LL200gm
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.
External Reviews

"This is a story I've always wanted to read. It shows the duality, conflict, contest and symbiosis between two sides of a man. The meaning of the story and the symbolism in it is open to interpretation but the reader cannot help but feel sympathy for this bizarre case. The constant existence of our being in a state of conflict with ourselves and our desires not always being understood is a relatable theme." - Goodreads Review.

"Definitely one of the best shorter books I have ever read. Love the classic horror style it personifies, by starting in a relatively normal setup and slowly developing stranger events, until the twist reveals the secret at the end." - Google Review.