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Robin Neillands - The Great War Generals on The Western Front 1914-18 (2nd Hand Hardback)

SKU B001745
  • Format : Thick 2nd Hand Hardback with Dust Jacket
  • Condition : Good (Small stain to top page edges & small 1.5cm tear to Dust Jacket. Otherwise Very Good)
  • Category : Non-Fiction - War & Civil War
  • Published : 1999 (Robinson Publishing Ltd - 1st Ed.)
  • ISBN : 9781854879004
  • SKU : B001745
  • PPC : SP700gm
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.

Many Great War histories tell the reader what happened on the Western front but few spell out why.

In this book, the author looks at the battles through the eyes of the generals who were charged with winning them and examines the accusations that have surrounded them for over 70 years.

The tragedy of the death toll on the Western Front gives weight to the argument against them, but what were the near insurmountable problems that stood between the generals and final victory? How much of what the general public believes about the First World War is really true? This book aims to illuminate the bitter controversy.

This thoroughly researched and controversial book shatters many assumptions about the commanders who led the British Army through the Great War. It essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the conflict.

‘Absolutely first class: an eye opener for those brought up on the First World War myths’ - Major-General Julian Thompson, CB, OBE.

‘One of our most readable military historians’ - The Birmingham Post.

‘A highly readable and thought-provoking book’ - Peter Simkins, Senior Historian at the Imperial War Museum.


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