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Simon Jenkins - England's Thousand Best Houses (2nd Hand Hardback)

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England's houses are a treasure trove of riches and a unique, living record of the nation's history. Simon Jenkins's magnificent guide selects the finest palaces, mansions, halls, castles and cottages throughout the land, from the stately to the humble, in a glorious celebration of English life.

England's Thousand Best Houses is a panorama of an ancient heritage, a compendium of a thousand delightful country houses from all periods - all of which are open to the public.

Breathtaking Blenheim Palace, the monumental jewel of Oxfordshire . . . the Duke of Devonshire's opulent Derbyshire seat of Chatsworth . . . the extraordinary baroque vision of Castle Howard in Yorkshire . . . lesser known gems like Little Morton Hall - all of these celebrated houses come to life and mingle with the yet-to-be discovered.

England's Thousand Best Houses is a must-have for readers from veteran architects to armchair travellers and anyone embarking on an exploration of the stately treasures scattered throughout England.

A Five Star System is used to rate each House.

  • Format : Thick, Solid 2nd Hand Hardback with Dust Jacket
  • Condition : As New
  • Category : Non-Fiction - England
  • Published : 2003 (Penguin / Allen Lane - 1st Edition)
  • ISBN : 9780713995961
  • SKU : B001778
  • PPC : SP1800gm
  • RRP : £30 (Unclipped)
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External Reviews

"Marvellous . . . A constant excuse to wander a little" - Anna Ford.

"A hymn to good architecture, an ode to authentic domestic interiors. No other book (apart from his 1,000 Churches) will prompt so many joyous detours" - Christopher Hudson, Daily Mail.

"Jenkins' articles always throw some new light onto the architecture of the house and greatly enhance the visit." - Goodreads.

The Author

Sir Simon David Jenkins FSA FRSL is a British author and a newspaper columnist and editor. He was editor of the Evening Standard from 1976 to 1978 and of The Times from 1990 to 1992. Jenkins chaired the National Trust from 2008 to 2014. He currently writes columns for The Guardian.

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