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Simon Schuma - A History of Britain (Vol. 1) (2nd Hand Paperback)

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  • Format : Large 2nd Hand Paperback.
  • Condition : Good (A little edge wear only)
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Britain
  • Published : 2000 (BBC Books)
  • ISBN : 9780563534839
  • SKU : B001526
  • PPC : SP1400gm
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.

Full Title : A History of Britain, Volume 1 : At the Edge of the World 3500 B.C. - 1603 A.D.

Simon Schama's magisterial book encompasses over 1,500 years of Britain's history, from the first Roman invasions to the early seventeenth century, and the extraordinary reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Schama is one of the most popular and celebrated historians of our day, and in this magnificent work he brings history to dramatic life with a wealth of stories and vivid, colourful detail, reanimating familiar figures and events and drawing them skilfully into a powerful and compelling narrative.

Change - sometimes gentle and subtle, sometimes shocking and violent - is the dynamic of Simon Schama's unapologetically personal and grippingly written history of Britain, especially the changes that wash over custom and habit, transforming our loyalties.

What makes or breaks a nation? To whom do we give our allegiance and why? And where do the boundaries of our community lie - in our hearth and home, our village or city, tribe or faith? What is Britain - one country or many? Has British history unfolded 'at the edge of the world' or right at the heart of it?

Schama delivers these themes in a form that is at once traditional and excitingly fresh. The great and the wicked are here - Becket and Thomas Cromwell, Robert the Bruce and Anne Boleyn - but so are countless more ordinary lives: an Irish monk waiting for the plague to kill him in his cell at Kilkenny; a small boy running through the streets of London to catch a glimpse of Elizabeth I.

The first in a series of 3, this volume paints a rich and vivid portrait of the life of the British people and their nation.


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