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Tasmina Perry - Kiss Heaven Goodbye (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Miles and Grace Ashford, Sasha Sinclair and Alex Doyle were carefree teenagers when they holidayed at age 18 on the private island of Angel Cay.

But when a shocking incident happens that leaves the four young people harbouring a secret between themselves, what repercussions is it going to have on them?

When the four grow up in adults and begin in the world of work, is the dark secret going to affect their choices forever more? How will affect Sasha in her determination to be a successful model, and will it affect Alex’s chances of being a global musician? How about money-driven Miles and his shy sister Grace?

Will the consequences of that one secret night on Angel Cay ruin the rest of their lives?

And just what price will the four have to pay?

  • Format : Standard Thick Paperback
  • Condition : Acceptable (Slight wear only)
  • Category : Fiction - Crime & Mystery
  • Published : 2010
  • ISBN : 9780755358427
  • SKU : B000529
  • PPC : SP450gm
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External Reviews

"I loved it and thought it was one of her better stories. I really enjoyed the way that the main characters were developed throughout the story, they started out as a young, very close knit bunch of friends and gradually lost touch over the years. Each character developed really well, but each one had that cloud over them - the 'incident' that happened on that holiday all those years ago.

I love the high glamour, sex and celebrity lifestyles that Tasmina Perry's characters lead - pure escapism for me and I loved every page!" - Waterstones Review.

The Author

Tasmina Perry is a British novelist. Her novels have been bestsellers in The Sunday Times and have been published in 17 countries. Perry is also a journalist and magazine editor and edits a daily blog on travel, style and the places that have inspired her novels.