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Terry Deary - 10 Beastly Books (Horrible Histories) (2nd Hand Box Set)

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Horrible Histories Collection 10 Books Bundle - Terry Deary - Beastly Book Set.

. . . it's history with the nasty bits left in . . .

The Measly Middle AgesWant to know: · A genuine jester's joke? · Why chickens had their bottoms shaved?

The Terrifying TudorsWant to know: · Why Henry VIII thought he'd married a horse? · All about terrible Tudor torture?

The Slimy StuartsThe Stuarts. They don't sound very terrible, do they? They sound almost like your boring next-door neighbours.

The Gorgeous GeorgiansThe gorgeous Georgians may have loved preening in mirrors and prancing about in powdered wigs and pantaloons, but trust us - they were really rotten underneath!

The Vile VictoriansWant to know: · What vile Victorian parents called their children? · Who had a gruesome glass eye for every occasion?

The Groovy GreeksHelps readers to discover the wicked men who came back, a women and the truth about Heraclitus and his manure cure.

Awful EgyptiansHelps readers discover the dire details of mummy-making, the truth about Tutankhamun and his creepy curse and find out why people worshipped a dung beetle.

Frightful First World WarWant to know: · What the 'Fat King' did with food scraps and dead horses? · How sniffing your own pee could save your life in a gas attack?

The Woeful Second World WarWant to know: · Who made a meal out of maggots? · Which smelly soldiers were sniffed out by their enemies?

The Ruthless RomansReveals the truth behind Rome, one of the greatest empire - from the terrible twins who founded Rome to the evil emperor who made murder a sport.

  • Format : 2nd Hand Box Set of 10 Paperback Books in Slipbox
  • Condition : Very Good (Almost As New)
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Children's Non-Fiction
  • Published : 1996 (This Set 2007 - Scholastic)
  • ISBN : 9781407131924
  • SKU : B002361
  • PPC : SP2100gm
  • RRP : £59.90
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.
External Reviews

"Present for my grandson, he loved them." - Amazon Review.

"The Grandchildren were very impressed. They said the stories are exciting and informative." - Ebay Review.

The Author

William Terence Deary is a British children's author of over 200 books, selling over 25 million copies in over 40 languages, best known as the writer of the Horrible Histories series. Since 1994 he has been one of Britain's best-selling authors.