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The Week-End Book (Editor - Francis Maynell) (2nd Hand Hardback)

SKU B001956
  • Format : Slightly Smaller, Thick 2nd Hand Hardback
  • Condition : Very Good
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Reference Books
  • Published : 2005 (Duckworth & Co. / The Nonesuch Press)
  • ISBN : 9780715634431
  • SKU : B001956
  • PPC : SP500gm
  • RRP : £10.99
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.

No Dust Jacket issued. Wrap around band missing.

Re-Issue. Hardcover, decorative green, black and white cloth, lacks wrap-around band (not issued with jacket, just the band). 367 pages. Illustrated with drawings. Introduction by John Julius Norwich.

Originally published in England in 1924 and re-issued in 1955; an altogether new and updated rendition of this anthology of knowledge, esoteric and mundane, useful and entertaining.

A delightful little book for 'week-enders young or old, guest or host, married or single, discreet or adventurous'. The Week-End Book is an invaluable book for week-enders of all ages.

Sections include: how to forecast the weather (useful when embarking on camping weekends), notes on the stars at night, types of architecture encountered in the country, information on farming techniques and the breeds of farm animals, a calendar of wild flowers, and varieties of trees and how to spot them.

Updated from its original 1924 publication, a portable collection of leisure-time activity suggestions includes such options as weather forecasting, building campfires, making paper cups, and a variety of outdoor games, in a resource that is complemented by a selection of poetic works to be read on quiet country days.

Entertaining, informative and completely invaluable, "no one should embark on a weekend without it."


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