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Tim Marshall - Worth Dying For (The Power & Politics of Flags) (New Paperback)

SKU B001436
  • Format : New Paperback.
  • Condition : New
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Politics & Government
  • Published : 2017 (Elliot & Thompson)
  • ISBN : 9781783963034
  • SKU : B001436
  • PPC : LL300
  • RRP : £9.99
  • Quantity Available : 1

"An engagingly written, veritable page-turner. Whether the topic is ethnic identity, Japanese imperialism, Panamanian shipping law or the defeat of Nazism, flags speak volumes about our human condition" - Lawrence Joffe, Jewish Chronicle.

"A fascinating tour of the world's ensigns, their histories and meanings ... a sobering lesson in just how silly we human beings can be" - Daily Mail.

"Insightful and entertaining ... a truly fascinating book that feels all the more considered and urgent in today's world of Brexit, Trump, China and ISIS" - Dan Lewis, Wanderlust magazine.

For thousands of years flags have represented our hopes and dreams. In nine chapters (covering the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America, international flags and flags of terror), Tim Marshall draws on more than twenty-five years of global reporting experience to reveal the histories, the power and the politics of the symbols that unite us - and divide us.


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