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Tony Juniper - What Has Nature Ever Done For Us? (2nd Hand Paperback)

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From Indian vultures to Chinese bees, nature provides the 'natural services' that keep the economy going.

From the recycling miracles in the soil; an army of predators ridding us of unwanted pests; an abundance of life creating a genetic codebook that underpins our food, pharmaceutical industries and much more, it has been estimated that these and other services are each year worth about double the global GDP.

Yet we take most of nature's services for granted, imagining them free and limitless . . . until they suddenly switch off.

This is a book full of immediate, impactful stories, containing both warnings (such as in the tale of India's vultures, killed off by drugs given to cattle, leading to an epidemic of rabies) but also the positive (how birds protect fruit harvests, coral reefs protect coasts from storms and how the rainforests absorb billions of tonnes of carbon released from cars and power stations).

  • Format : Standard Thick 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Very Good
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Geography, Earth Sciences & Space
  • Published : 2013
  • ISBN : 9781846685606
  • SKU : B001616
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External Reviews

"Tony Juniper's book What Has Nature Ever Done For Us? will change whole way you think about life, the planet and the economy." - Publisher.

"Tony Juniper is among the 100 people who are making the decisions that affect your life" - Country Life.

"A brilliant resume of Nature's New Deal: nurture me and I'll nurture you." - Nick Crane.

"Juniper explains how the welfare of the human species rests on the assets and services provided by the rest of nature, and makes the case for natural capital to be integral in a new economy fit for the future." - Michael Clarke, Chief Executive, RSPB.

The Author

Tony Juniper CBE is a campaigner, writer, sustainability adviser and a well-known British environmentalist. For more than 35 years he has worked for change toward a more sustainable society at local, national and international levels.