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Virgin & Nick Carson - Virgin by Design (2nd Hand Hardback)

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  • Format : Large, Thick, Heavy 2nd Hand Hardback
  • Condition : As New
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Economics, Business & Money
  • Published : 2020 (Thames & Hudson - 1st Edition)
  • ISBN : 9780500022931
  • SKU : B001915
  • PPC : SP1800gm
  • RRP : £39.95
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Virgin at 50: the official publication celebrating the half-century birthday of one of the world's most famous brands. A celebration of fifty years of daring innovation at the iconic Virgin brand.

There is only one brand that could start as a record company and evolve into an airline, a hotel chain, and a space-flight provider - and that brand is Virgin. Because of the daring vision and marketing genius of Richard Branson, Virgin has defied categorisation and broken all the rules of business while creating one of the most recognisable companies of all time.

This new volume is a celebration of fifty years of bold innovation at Virgin. Lavishly illustrated, it tells the story of the creation and development of a globally respected brand. More than a retrospective, this book gets to the very heart of the Virgin brand, telling the gutsy origin story while examining why audiences and consumers adore all things Virgin.

Virgin by Design is for anyone interested in corporate identity, innovation, and stories of breaking the rules. With signature Virgin flair, this book includes chapters on being playful in business, risks without recklessness, collaboration, and using business to do good. Virgin companies past and present are featured, including those that were launched and closed, such as Virgin Cola and Virgin Brides, highlighting the company's resilience and spirit alongside its creativity and success.

Based on in-depth research and interviews with all the key people who have played a part in Virgin's companies past and present, Virgin by Design is organised into ten chapters - each with fully illustrated case studies - that provide a sense of how hard work and brilliant ideas have resonated with audiences worldwide : 1. Cheeky Start-up 2. Feel-good Experiences 3. People Powered 4. Magic Moments 5. Make Your Mark 6. Being Playful 7. A Bold Risk-taker 8. Proudly Collaborative 9. Changing Business for Good 10. Future Ready.

Spanning the full 50-year period from Virgin's beginnings as a record store to its bold future in space tourism with Virgin Galactic, it also embraces Virgin's broad diversity in terms of its global presence as a brand, its mission and purpose to change business for good, and in its offerings across multiple sectors, including travel, banking, health and fitness, communications and entertainment. Virgin by Design is packed with the wit, verve, spirit of adventure and 'how it was done' insights that will make it a must-have publication.


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