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The National Benzole Company - Our National Heritage 7 (2nd Hand Spiral Bound)

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National Benzole (A Petrol Company) then ran a series of books from 1954 to 1962 entitled Our National Heritage. (Published with The National Trust & The National Trust for Scotland).

From 1955-60 they were numbered I to 7; although of identical spiral bound format, the cover colour changed.

Each year, the book focused on a particular aspect of heritage, so that in 1954 and 1955 it was Beauty Spots, 1956 Sports and Pastimes to 1960, National Trust properties.

This book, (Number 7) focuses on Castles, Houses & Gardens of Britain.

Each book was well illustrated with black and white photographs, with each location identified by a small inset map.

  • Format : Slightly Larger, Slim 2nd Hand Spiral Bound Book
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Britain
  • Condition : Good
  • Published : 1962
  • ISBN : N/A
  • SKU : B000146
  • PPC : LL200gm
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.
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National Benzole was a petroleum brand used in the United Kingdom from 1919 to the 1960s. In 1957 the National Benzole Co. became wholly owned by Shell-Mex and B.P. Ltd but continued its separate trading identity.