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. . . Not an Amazon company, not a charity or a "community" company . . . a small business. That's it.

Great service, great products, no gimmicks, that's a promise.

It's all about the books . . .

Hi. My name is Ronnie McKeitch, I live in Kirkintilloch, Scotland and I've always fancied running a bookshop.

In my youth I co-owned and ran a record shop (Lost in Music) just off Byres Road in Glasgow . . . great fun & made a good living at it. Then 26 years of real work owning and running small print shops (The Copy Bureau, ScottishPrint and briefly Printing and Printed), again in Glasgow's West End.

Hopefully now and for a good while it's gonna be Campsie Books (Your Independent Online Bookshop). One slight, but hopefully temporary drawback, no shop as yet . . . hence . . .

So . . . what's the plan ?

The aim is to create a simple, straightforward website, one packed with books you'd love to read & own. More books will be added very regularly. I'm trying to make this website easy and enjoyable to browse through, trying to re-create the pleasure of wonderful lost hours spent browsing through a real bookshop.

Many more top quality 2nd Hand Books & a much bigger selection of New Books and some Music to follow during the coming months & years. After that . . . we'll see.

Grab a coffee and enjoy a good browse through :)

If you have any feedback or further questions please use our Contact Page or Email me at :

Thanks for your interest,

Ronnie McKeitch - Campsie Books.


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