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Jean-Paul Didierlaurent - The Rest of Their Lives (2nd Hand Paperback)

SKU B001856
2nd Hand Book
Condition - Very Good
Modern Mainstream Fiction
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Filled with all the larger-than-life characters and enchanting storytelling that made readers fall for The Reader on the 6.27 comes Jean-Paul Didierlaurent's follow-up novel, The Rest of Their Lives.

It's hard to find love with a job like Ambroise's - an embalmer in a small French town, he rarely spends time with the living. And while Manelle - a home-help for the elderly - enjoys her days taking care of her spirited clients, she finds her evenings are often spent with TV dinners for one.

So when chance - and an unusual road trip - bring Ambroise and Manelle together, they are both more than ready for the rest of their lives to begin . . .

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback.
  • Condition : Very Good (Almost As New)
  • Category : Fiction - Modern Mainstream Fiction
  • Published : 2017 (Pan)
  • ISBN : 9781509840366
  • SKU : B001856
  • PPC : LL270gm
  • RRP : £8.99
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.
External Reviews

"Once again, so many terrific personalities are captured and the nature of their unusual endeavours provides a surprisingly entertaining distraction: an unforgettable journey exploring the familiar facts of life - love, loneliness, heartbreak, and the inescapable fate that awaits us all." - Goodreads Review.

The Author

Jean-Paul Didierlaurent (born 2 March 1962) is a French writer. He is best known for the novel The Reader on the 6.27 (Le liseur du 6h27, 2014), translated into English by Ros Schwartz and published by Pan Books in 2015.