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Adrian McKinty - The Chain (2nd Hand Hardback)

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Your phone rings. You child has been kidnapped. And to free her, you must abduct someone else's child.

Your child will be released when your victim's parents kidnap another child. Rachel will be part of the chain . . . or her daughter Kylie will be killed. But the masterminds may have made a mistake this time.

Rachel may be the one to finally break the chain.

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Hardback
  • Condition : Very Good (Almost As New)
  • Category : Fiction - Suspense & Thriller
  • Published : 2019 (Orion Books - 1st Edition, 5th Printing)
  • ISBN : 9781409189589
  • SKU : B001896
  • PPC : SP500gm
  • RRP : £12.99 (Unclipped)
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.
External Reviews

"A Heart-Stopping Rollercoaster" - The Daily Mail.

"The book everyone is talking about" - The Mirror.

"This is a terrifying book because it is so realistic and I was reading I kept thinking that this scenario could actually happen to anyone. The main character in this book is a divorced single mom who is already suffering through just finding out that she has breast cancer. Then she becomes a victim of the chain. Kidnappings are done by establishing a chain. Do what you're told or your loved one dies and so will everyone else that you care about. The premise of this book is absolutely horrifying." - Google Review.

The Author

Adrian McKinty is a Northern Irish writer of crime and mystery novels and young adult fiction, best known for his 2020 award-winning thriller, The Chain, and the Sean Duffy novels set in Northern Ireland during The Troubles.