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Alessandro Barbero - The Anonymous Novel (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Full Title : The Anonymous Novel - Sensing The Future Torments.

The elusive and unstable realities of Gorbachev's Russia prove to be fertile ground for Alessandro Barbero's great skills as a storyteller, and this masterpiece,

The Anonymous Novel, is full of many varied characters and the discussion of endless themes concerning not only the Soviet Union and it final days but also, dare one say it, the human condition in any age and any country.

It's also a complex and compelling story of many varied characters dealing with the problems of change, coming to terms with the past and fretting about the future. Barbero manages that typically Italian trick of combining both humour and profundity.

It is very much the complete novel, doing everything a novel can and should do, and doing it in a masterly fashion.

One surprising element of the book, which is also an opportunity for the author to express very subtly his admiration for Russian literature and culture, is the authenticity of the narration. The Western reader may feel that this is a sleight of hand, but Russian readers of the Italian original and the English translation can confirm its accuracy, which is based on careful historical research into journalistic and literary records, as well as some other sources.

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  • Published : 1998 (This Edition 2010 - Vagabond Voices Publishing - 1st UK translated edition - Signed Copy).
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Author Signed Copy.

External Reviews

"This book is a compelling read, but it is also a wonderful mix of the profound and the witty." - Google Reviews.

The Author

Alessandro Barbero is an Italian historian, novelist and essayist. Barbero was born in Turin. He attended the University of Turin, where he studied literature and Medieval history. He won the 1996 Strega Prize, Italy's most distinguished literary award, for Bella vita e guerre altrui di Mr. Pyle gentiluomo.