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Alistair Moffat - The Hidden Ways (New Paperback)

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Shortlisted for the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards.

Subtitled : Scotland's Forgotten Roads.

In The Hidden Ways, Alistair Moffat traverses the lost paths of Scotland.

Down Roman roads tramped by armies, warpaths and pilgrim routes, drove roads and rail roads, turnpikes and sea roads, he traces the arteries through which our nations lifeblood has flowed in a bid to understand how our history has left its mark upon our landscape.

Moffat travels along the hidden ways reveal not only the searing beauty and magic of the Scottish landscape, but open up a different sort of history, a new way of understanding our past by walking in the footsteps of our ancestors.

In retracing the forgotten paths, he charts a powerful, surprising and moving history of Scotland through the unremembered lives who have moved through it.

  • Format : New Paperback
  • Condition : New
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Scotland
  • Published : 2019 (Canongate Books)
  • ISBN : 9781786891037
  • SKU : B002479
  • PPC : SP350gm
  • RRP : £10.99
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External Reviews

"He’s an entertaining companion and I defy anyone reading this not to want to pull on their walking boots and get out into the countryside and into the hills as quickly as possible. Moffat is on a mission to open up the ‘hidden roads’ of Scotland, to make them accessible to all, to educate and to entertain us on the subject of our multi-layered history. If this book is just a start, I can’t wait for what is to come. My first 5 star read of 2019."

"The Hidden Ways is a journey through Scotland's historically significant but largely forgotten roads and paths. Alistair provides in-depth knowledge of the roads histories and the areas they pass through. It is written in such a way that you feel like you are there with Moffat."

- Goodreads Reviews.

The Author

Alistair Murray Moffat is a Scottish writer and journalist, former director of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and former Rector of the University of St Andrews.

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