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Asia MacKay - The Nursery (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Mother. Wife. Assassin. Meet the new heroine for our times . . .

Lex Tyler is trying to have it all . . . But being a working mother is so much more difficult when you're a secret agent for an underground branch of the security services . . . Red Sparrow meets Mick Herron in this gripping and witty page-turner about having it all, keeping it all and surviving it all.

Lex Tyler is trying to have it all, but being a working mother is so much more difficult when you're a secret agent for an underground branch of the security services. Platform Eight have been tasked with tracking down and eliminating the traitor in MI6 who has been selling information to the highest bidder through a headhunting website for the criminal underworld that connects intelligence operatives with all manner of bad people with a simple right swipe. Deals get made. Secrets get sold. Missions fail. Agents die.

It's down to Lex and her team to identify and eliminate the traitor before they assassinate China's Minister of Commerce and ruin relations between the UK and China forever. But when your husband doesn't know exactly what your job entails and the future of the intelligence services rests on your shoulders, can one working mother save the day?

This is one mission that Lex cannot afford to fail.

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Very Good
  • Category : Fiction - Suspense & Thriller
  • Published : 2019 (Zaffrae)
  • ISBN : 9781785765643
  • SKU : B002470
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  • RRP : £7.99
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External Reviews

"If you like action-packed stories with fab characters that you can relate to (hopefully not the assassin side though), stories that keep you totally gripped from first page to last, then this is the book for you. I honestly loved this book and I can not wait to read more about Lex Tyler soon" - It's All About the Books.

"Lots of twists and turns and red herrings. The combination of the plot plus the cast of characters results in a very fun, fast-paced mix that keeps you turning pages . . . Fast, fresh and interesting." - The Crime Review.

"A cracking book - funny, thrilling, touching. It's as if mum-lit was on crack with shades of Killing Eve. This is a thrilling, original and funny read which takes spy fiction to a new level. I loved it." - Claire Allan.

The Author

Asia Mackay was a mum with distant dreams of writing when inspiration struck. With a little guidance from Faber Academy and spurred on by her shortlisting for Richard and Judy’s Search for a Bestseller competition, Asia’s debut novel Killing It is due to be published in July 2018.