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Bernard MacLaverty - Midwinter Break (2nd Hand Paperback)

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“This is not a story about old people,” Bernard MacLaverty told the Guardian, “It’s the story of two young people who got old and they have fallen out of step.”

After a hiatus of some sixteen years, the author of Cal & Grace Notes returns with a masterful dissection of a long life both shared and divided, a marriage where one party is happy with their lot and the other is yearning for something rather more.

In their past trots the stalking horse of an Ireland and the Troubles both Gerry and Stella have long turned their back on.

In their present, a long weekend in Amsterdam proves catalyst to a brilliant study of monogamy and the slow damage of compromise.

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Good (Almost Very Good)
  • Category : Fiction - Love & Romance
  • Published : 2017 (This Edition 2018 - Vintage)
  • ISBN : 9781784704919
  • SKU : B000897
  • PPC : LL240gm
  • RRP : £8.99
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External Reviews

"MacLaverty is a master storyteller, and Midwinter Break is the essential MacLaverty novel: accurate, compassionate observation; effortlessly elegant writing; and a tender, intimate, heartrending story. Yet it is also a profound examination of human love and how we live together, a chamber piece of real resonance and power. Forty years after his first book, MacLaverty has written his masterpiece." - BookBrowse.

The Author

Bernard MacLaverty (Born 1942) is an Irish fiction writer and novelist. His novels include Cal and Grace Notes. He has written five books of short stories and lives in Glasgow.

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