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Cesar Millan - Cesar's Way (2nd Hand Paperback)

SKU B001075
  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Very Good
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Animals, Wildlife & Nature
  • Published : 2008
  • ISBN : 9780340933305
  • SKU : B001075
  • PPC : LL300gm
  • RRP : £7.99
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"The Natural Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems."

In Cesar’s Way, Cesar Millan - nationally recognized dog expert and star of National Geographic Channel’s hit show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan - helps you see the world through the eyes of your dog so you can finally eliminate problem behaviors.

From his appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show to his roster of celebrity clients to his reality television series, Cesar Millan is America’s most sought-after dog-behaviour expert. But Cesar is not a trainer in the traditional sense - his expertise lies in his unique ability to comprehend dog psychology.

Tracing his own amazing journey from a clay-walled farm in Mexico to the celebrity palaces of Los Angeles, Cesar recounts how he learned what makes dogs tick. In Cesar’s Way, he shares this wisdom, laying the groundwork for you to have stronger, more satisfying relationships with your canine companions.

Cesar’s formula for a contented and balanced dog seems impossibly simple: exercise, discipline, and affection, in that order. Taking readers through the basics of dog psychology and behaviour, Cesar shares the inside details of some of his most fascinating cases, using them to illustrate how common behaviour issues develop and, more important, how they can be corrected.

You'll learn :

• What your dog really needs may not be what you’re giving him.
• Why a dog’s natural pack instincts are the key to your happy relationship.
• How to relate to your dog on a canine level.
• There are no “problem breeds,” just problem owners.
• How to choose a dog who’s right for you and your family.
• The difference between discipline and punishment.
 . . . and much more.