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Elizabeth Kostova - The Historian (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Late one night, exploring her father's library, a young woman finds an ancient book and a cache of yellowing letters addressed ominously to 'My dear and unfortunate successor'.

Her discovery plunges her into a world she never dreamed of - a labyrinth where the secrets of her father's past and her mother's mysterious fate connect to an evil hidden in the depths of history.

In those few quiet moments, she unwittingly assumes a quest she will discover is her birthright - a hunt for the truth about Vlad the Impaler, the medieval ruler whose barbarous reign formed the basis of the Dracula myth. Deciphering obscure signs and hidden texts, reading codes worked into the fabric of medieval monastic traditions, and evading terrifying adversaries, one woman comes ever closer to the secret of her own past and a confrontation with the very definition of evil.

Elizabeth Kostova's debut novel is an adventure of monumental proportions - a captivating tale that blends fact and fantasy, history and the present with an assurance that is almost unbearably suspenseful - and utterly unforgettable.

  • Format : Thick 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Very Good
  • Category : Fiction - Horror
  • Published : 2005 (Time Warner Books)
  • ISBN : 9780751537284
  • SKU : B002058
  • PPC : SP400gm
  • RRP : £6.99
  • Quantity Available : 2 (Both Very Good).
External Reviews

" . . . it travels across time, through many settings in Europe and even America, via libraries, universities and monasteries. It's brilliantly researched. There is something for everyone, with two love stories, a range of different speakers, via letters and alternate narratives. It's part detective, part crime, part fantasy and it's a real page turner as well. Best vampire book I have ever read." - Google Review.

The Author

Elizabeth Johnson Kostova is an American author best known for her debut novel The Historian. Other books include The Swan Thieves, and the forthcoming novel The Shadow Land.