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Frederick Forsyth - The Odessa File (2nd Hand Paperback)

SKU B000461

It's 1963 and a young German reporter has been assigned the suicide of a holocaust survivor.

The news story seems straightforward, this is a tragic insight into one man's suffering. But a long hidden secret is discovered in the pages of the dead man's diary. 

What follows is life-and-death hunt for a notorious former concentration camp-commander, a man responsible for the deaths of thousands, a man as yet unpunished.

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Very Good (Almost As New)
  • Category : Fiction - Suspense & Thriller
  • Published : 1972 (This Ed. 2011)
  • ISBN : 9780099552819
  • SKU : B000461
  • PPC : SP300gm
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.
External Reviews

"Brilliant entertainment and a disquieting book" - The Guardian.

"Meticulously researched, highly suspenseful" - Chicago Tribune.

The Author

Frederick McCarthy Forsyth CBE is an English novelist and journalist. He is best known for thrillers such as The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, The Fourth Protocol, The Dogs of War, The Devil's Alternative, The Fist of God, Icon, The Veteran, Avenger, The Afghan, The Cobra and The Kill List.