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Hugh Ambrose - The Pacific (2nd Hand Hardback)

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Between America's retreat from China in late November 1941 and the moment General MacArthur's airplane touched down on the Japanese mainland in August of 1945, five men connected by happenstance fought the key battles of the war against Japan.

From the debacle in Bataan, to the miracle at Midway and the relentless vortex of Guadalcanal, their solemn oaths to their country later led one to the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot and the others to the coral strongholds of Peleliu, the black terraces of Iwo Jima and the killing fields of Okinawa, until at last the survivors enjoyed a triumphant, yet uneasy, return home.

In The Pacific, Hugh Ambrose focuses on the real-life stories of the five men who put their lives on the line for our country.

To deepen the story revealed in the miniseries and go beyond it, the book dares to chart a great ocean of enmity known as The Pacific and the brave men who fought. Some considered war a profession, others enlisted as citizen soldiers. Each man served in a different part of the war, but their respective duties required every ounce of their courage and their strength to defeat an enemy who preferred suicide to surrender. The medals for valour which were pinned on three of them came at a shocking price - a price paid in full by all.

  • Format : Thick 2nd Hand Hardback with Dust Jacket
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  • Category : Non-Fiction - War & Civil War
  • Published : 2010 (This Edition 2018 - Canongate / HBO)
  • ISBN : 9781786894809
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External Reviews

"The book was the inspiration behind the HBO series The Pacific and as such highlights the brutality and horror that was characteristic of the whole campaign. The book illuminates the war service of legendary marines such as EB Sledge and John Basilone, the inhumanity of being a POW of the IJA and the air war over the Pacific. In the main however the book covers the island campaigns of the marines as they traverse the Pacific covering the intense fighting on Guadalcanal, Peleliu, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The witness accounts of the dehumanising brutality displayed by both sides and the animal hatred that the marines had for their enemy reverberates throughout the whole book. In between the temporary lapses in the fighting the book describes what it is like to live under constant fear, fatigue and filth. The struggle of simply living in any of the combat zones sounds utterly debilitating." - Amazon Review.

The Author
Hugh Alexander Ambrose was an American historian and the author of a best-selling popular history of the Pacific Theatre in World War II. Ambrose rose to prominence as a researcher for and collaborator with his father, historian Stephen E. Ambrose.

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