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Iain Banks - Transition (2nd Hand Paperback)

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This book 'transitions' the split between Iain Banks' non-sci-fi output & Iain M. Banks' vast space operas, presenting a sci-fi tale with a contemporary setting.

There is a world that hangs suspended between triumph and catastrophe, between the dismantling of the Wall and the fall of the Twin Towers, frozen in the shadow of suicide terrorism and global financial collapse.

Such a world requires a firm hand and a guiding light. But does it need "The Concern": an all-powerful organisation with a malevolent presiding genius, pervasive influence and numberless invisible operatives in possession of extraordinary powers?

  • Format : Standard Thick 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Good
  • Category : Fiction - Uncategorised
  • Published : 2009
  • ISBN : 9780349119274
  • SKU : B001478
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External Reviews

"As always with Banks, the imaginative detail is frequently stunning. By creating a universe of infinite different but related worlds, the writer has given his mind free rein to create and describe all sorts of weird and wonderful alternatives to our society. With the abilities he has given his transitionaries and other similarly gifted individuals, and the power they have bestowed on the Concern, he tackles the issues of the responsibility of power, the moral implications of intervention into other societies, and even the philosophical conundrum of what constitutes life itself.

All of which will be familiar to fans of his Culture sci-fi books, but which carry more gravitas here, being an integral part of the world we see around us. Despite their extraordinary powers, the likes of Temudjin Oh and Mrs Mulverhill seem all too human, lending vital reader empathy to the nerve-shredding climax in the streets of a Venice that may or may not be in this world.

Transition is a book that makes you think, one that makes you look at the world around you in a different light, and it's also a properly thrilling read. If only more contemporary fiction was like it." - The Independent.

. . . so Science Fiction then ;)

The Author

Iain Banks was a Scottish author, writing mainstream fiction as Iain Banks and science fiction as Iain M. Banks, adding the initial of his adopted middle name Menzies. After the success of The Wasp Factory, he began to write full time.

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