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Ian MacPherson - Wild Harbour (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Introduced by John Burns. A lesser known Science Fiction Classic.

This is the world of universal future war.

Faced with the threat of bombs, bacteriological warfare and poison gas, a married couple whose pacifism compels them to opt out of ‘civilisation’, take to the hills to live as fugitives in the wild.

Plainly and simply told, Wild Harbour charts the practical difficulties, the successes and failures of living rough in the beautiful hills of remote Speyside. In this respect the book belongs to a tradition of Scottish fiction reflected in novels such as Stevenson’s Kidnapped and Buchan’s John Macnab.

But it takes a darker and more contemporary turn, for although Hugh and his wife Terry learn to fend for themselves, they cannot escape from what the world has become. Their brief summer idyll is brought to an end as the forces of random and meaningless violence close over them.

Written in 1936, Wild Harbour has lost none of its relevance in a post-nuclear age, nor its power to move and to shock.

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Good (Slight tanning only)
  • Category : Fiction - Science Fiction
  • Published : 1936 (This Edition 1989 - Canongate Classics 27)
  • ISBN : 9780862412340
  • SKU : B001796
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External Reviews

"The book has two major themes, it seems to me: firstly, man’s relationship to the natural world and his ability to survive without the trappings of civilisation; and secondly, how even those so strongly-held principles can be eroded as the veneer of that civilisation is stripped away, quickly returning man to a state of survival instinct. The writing is at its strongest when Macpherson is describing the beauty and power of nature and man’s vulnerability to its whims." - FictionFanBlog Review.

The Author

Ian Macpherson (1905-1944), was born in Leslie Place, Forres, Moray Scotland. He was graduated from Aberdeen University in 1928 with a first class honours degree in English.

His first novel, Shepherds Calendar, was published in 1931. The book tells of a young man's growth to maturity in a farming community dominated by hard toil and the influence of the seasons. Wild Harbour tells of the world destroyed by a future war, forebodings of which were already discernible in Europe. Ian Macpherson died in a motorcycle accident in 1944.