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Julian Palacios - Lost In The Woods (Syd Barrett & The Pink Floyd) (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Soon after creating the experimental pop group, Pink Floyd, in 1966, Syd Barrett took to using hallucinogenic drugs, which led to schizophrenia. He has now abandoned his past. Through interviews with Barrett's family and friends, this book provides an account of the man and his illness.

Syd Barrett was an art school student when he founded Pink Floyd. Famous before his 20th birthday, Barrett led the charge of psychedelia onstage at London s famed UFO club, and his acid-inspired lyrics became a hallmark of London's 1967 Summer of Love. By turns improvisatory and whimsical, Zen-like and hard-living, Barrett pushed the boundaries of music into new realms of artistic expression while fighting the demons of drug abuse and mental illness.

This probing study, ten years in the writing, features a wealth of first-hand interviews with Syd's family, friends, and members of the band, giving us an unvarnished look at Barrett's life and work.

Author Julian Palacios traces Barrett s swift evolution from precocious youth to internationally acclaimed psychedelic rock star, examining both his wide-ranging inspirations and his influence on generations of musicians.

A never-to-be forgotten casualty of the excesses, innovations, and idealism of the 1960's, Syd Barrett is one of the most heavily mythologised men in rock, and this book offers a rare portrayal of "this unique spirit in freefall."

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  • Published : 1998 (Boxtree)
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External Reviews

"A compelling biography of Syd Barrett, that is very sensitive to his breakdown. The book was clearly written by a fan, but one that tried to give us an understanding of Syd, the times (especially with respect to Syd's peers relationship with/to drugs - especially LSD), and his breakdown. We are left better understanding Syd's genius, and a little about his breakdown . . ." - Goodreads Review.

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