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Kim Stanley Robinson - Galileo's Dream (2nd Hand Hardback)

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The dazzling novel from the acclaimed author of the groundbreaking MARS trilogy follows Galileo on an amazing journey from the dawn of the modern world to a future on the verge of a completely new scientific breakthrough.

A novel that combines a science fiction story with a great deal of information about the fascinating life of Galileo, the Tuscan astronomer who, like Copernicus, ran foul of the church with the suggestion that the sun was at the centre of our system rather than the Earth.

Late Renaissance Italy abounds in alchemy and Aristotle, yet it trembles on the brink of the modern world. Galileo’s new telescope encapsulates all the contradictions of this emerging reality. Then one night a stranger presents a different type of telescope for Galileo to peer through, enabling him to see the world of humans three thousand years hence.

From Galileo's heresy trial to the politics of far-future Jupiter, Kim Stanley Robinson illuminates the parallels between a distant past and an even more remote future - in the process celebrating the human spirit and calling into question the convenient truths of our own moment in time.

  • Format : Standard Thick 2nd Hand Hardback with Dust Jacket
  • Condition : Acceptable (Slight tanning to page edges only)
  • Category : Fiction - Science Fiction
  • Published : 2009 (Harper Voyager - 1st Edition)
  • ISBN : 9780007260317
  • SKU : B000714
  • PPC : SP650gm
  • RRP : £14.99
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.
External Reviews

"The historical fiction part of the book - about Galileo's life and times, was my favourite part of the book for sure, but the other part of the novel - set in 31st century Jupiter and moons - was also really engaging. The images of the moons of Jupiters and the people who live on them was fantastic.

The topics of "time" and entanglement were great and thought provoking (astrophysicist husband was well satisfied) and the piece-de-resistance of this book was the set piece which had Galileo getting a crash course on quantum mechanics." - Goodreads Review.

"Galileo's Dream, however, is a gleaming return to form for one of the world's best SF writers: thought-provoking and moving in equal measure. Robinson captures the joy of scientific discovery better than anyone else working today; the characterisation is splendid, with Galileo himself coming sharply to life, while the future-set sections feel neither superfluous nor clunky. Elegant, charming, funny and profound, Galileo's Dream is magnifico." - The Guardian.

'A brilliant work of imagination, drawing together the two cultures in a harmonious marriage of science and art' - The Times.

`A triumph, with Robinson's gifts for characterisation and world-building firmly to the fore. His Galileo is wonderful: brilliant, irascible, sometimes hateful, and always fascinating. The finale is both stirring and melancholic, and a fitting tribute to science's most famous iconoclast' - New Scientist.

The Author

Kim Stanley Robinson is an American writer of science fiction. To date he has published nineteen novels and numerous short stories but is best known for his Mars trilogy. His work has been translated into 24 languages.

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