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Lisa Genova - Love Anthony (2nd Hand Paperback)

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From the author of international bestseller Still Alice, a heartfelt novel about friendship and a mother coping with the loss of her autistic son.

'I'm always learning about how my brain doesn't work right . . . But it doesn't feel broken to me.'

Olivia Donatelli's dream of a 'normal' life was shattered when her son, Anthony, was diagnosed with autism at age three. He didn't speak, hated to be touched, almost never made eye contact. Then, just as Olivia was learning that happiness and autism could coexist after all, Anthony was gone.

Now she's alone on Nantucket, desperate to find meaning in her son's short life, when a chance encounter with another woman, Beth, brings Anthony alive again in a most unexpected way. In a piercing story about motherhood, autism and love, two unforgettable women discover the small but exuberant voice that leads them both to the answers they need.

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Very Good
  • Category : Fiction - Families & Sagas
  • Published : 2012 (This Edition 2013 - Simon & Schuster)
  • ISBN : 9781471147067
  • SKU : B003107
  • PPC : SP00gm
  • RRP : £7.99
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.
External Reviews

'Lisa Genova's novels ring true . . . Beautifully written and poignant to the point of heartbreak' - USA Today.

'When Anthony received his diagnosis (aged 3) Olivia read everything, searching for someone to "transform their lives . . . somebody must have the key that would unlock her son." But now she says bitterly, "What do they know? What does it matter?" And this is really the fundamental question for which Olivia is searching answers. What does anything matter? What did Anthony's life matter? What was its reason and purpose? What is her reason and purpose now? As well as answers, she is also desperately seeking atonement and an acceptance of the past and the cards she has been dealt.' - Google Review.

'Lisa Genova is unquestionably the wise counsellor who would get you and yours through the worst. She s a philosopher and her books are quite simply brilliant' - Judy Finnigan.

The Author

Lisa Genova is an American neuroscientist and author. She self-published her debut novel Still Alice, about a Harvard University professor who suffers early onset Alzheimer's disease. The book gained popularity and was acquired by Simon & Schuster; it was published in January 2009 by Pocket Books.

Subsequent books followed. She is also the New York Times-bestselling author Left Neglected - a Richard & Judy Book Club pick - Love Anthony and Inside the O'Briens.

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