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Malachy Tallack - The Un-Discovered Islands (2nd Hand Hardback)

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Subtitled : An Archipelago of Myths & Mysteries, Phantoms & Fakes.

With wonderful illustrations by Katie Scott.

The oceans of the world are filled with places seen once and then never again; places born in myth and in mystery. They have existed in every part of the world, and some have appeared on maps for many centuries before finally being erased.

This guide to islands that have never existed examines 24 products of imagination, deception and human error. Some have emerged from myth, others as phantoms, plain mysteries, or fakes.

The island of Frisland was claimed as British territory by Elizabeth I but turned out not to exist, and there were fraudulent inventions such as Phelipeaux, in Lake Superior. From the well-known myths of Atlantis to the more obscure legends of Thule and Antilla, from the islands of pure fiction to others whose existence are still in question, Malachy has created an atlas of fairytale and wonder.

Un-Discovered Islands marks an exciting new excursion into the beautiful, mysterious and mythical by the critically acclaimed author of travel writing memoir, Sixty Degrees North. Illustrator Katie Scott adorns the text with botany & mythical beasts.

  • Format : Larger 2nd Hand Hardback with Dust Jacket
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  • Category : Non-Fiction - Geography, Earth Sciences & Space
  • Published : 2016 (Polygon / Birlinn - 1st Edition)
  • ISBN : 9781846973505
  • SKU : B002240
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External Reviews

"It is ideal for map and geography lovers and is a beautiful produced book too. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be much depth to the stories. It is not the fault of Tallack, but it is understandable when you remember that these are places that have no basis in reality, the tangible facts are scarce."

"Here was a book that was quite interesting for those who may enjoy good travel stories from the past and/or for those who are fans of fantasy. As such the reader is taken on a nice and snug little journey to explore just a few handful of islands that once upon a time used to exist whether they were caused from human creativity, nature deceptions, cartography mistakes or even real places that just very slowly receded back into the background where they had popped up from."

- Goodreads Reviews.

The Author

Malachy Tallack is a Scottish singer-songwriter, journalist and author, who was born in England and moved to Shetland with his family when he was ten years old. He edited the magazine Shetland Life, and founded the online magazine The Island Review.