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Mark Maslin - Global Warming - A Very Short Introduction (2nd Hand Softback)

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Global warming is the most critical and controversial issue facing the world in the twenty-first century, one that will affect every living creature on the planet. It is also an extraordinarily complex problem, which everyone needs to understand as clearly and completely as possible.

This Very Short Introduction provides a concise and accessible explanation of the key aspects of global warming.

Mark Maslin discusses how and why changes are occurring, sets current warming trends in the context of past climate change, examines the predicted impact of global warming, as well as the political controversies of recent years and the many proposed solutions.  This compelling account offers the best current scientific understanding of global warming.

Maslin also includes a chapter on local solutions, reflecting the now widely held view that, to mitigate any impending disaster, governments as well as individuals must to act together.

About the Series: Combining authority with wit, accessibility, and style, Very Short Introductions offer an introduction to some of life's most interesting topics. Written by experts for the newcomer, they demonstrate the finest contemporary thinking about the central problems and issues in hundreds of key topics, from philosophy to Freud, quantum theory to Islam.

  • Format : Smaller 2nd Hand Softback with French Fold Sleeves
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  • Category : Non-Fiction - Geography, Earth Sciences & Space
  • Published : 2004 (Oxford University Press)
  • ISBN : 9780192840974
  • SKU : B002156
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External Reviews

"Professor Maslin has written a wide ranging, comprehensive and reasonably balanced review of global warming theory, despite declaring himself part of "the consensus" pretty early on. His 150 or so pages are an excellent summary, covering the greenhouse effect hypothesis, its history, evidence that warming is already happening, thoughts on how we might mitigate its effects, political problems and eventual solutions." - Amazon Review.

The Author

Mark A. Maslin is Professor of Earth System Science at University College London and a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit scholar. His most recent book is The Cradle of Humanity which Professor Brian Cox called 'exhilarating'.