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Milan Kundera - The Unbearable Lightness of Being (2nd Hand Paperback)

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In this novel - a story of irreconcilable loves and infidelities - Milan Kundera addresses himself to the nature of twentieth-century 'Being'.

In a world in which lives are shaped by irrevocable choices and by fortuitous events, a world in which everything occurs but once, existence seems to lose its substance, its weight. We feel, says the novelist, 'the unbearable lightness of being' - not only as the consequence of our private acts but also in the public sphere, and the two inevitably intertwine.

Juxtaposing Prague, Geneva, Thailand and the United States, this masterly novel encompasses the extremes of comedy and tragedy, and embraces, it seems, all aspects of human existence.

It offers a wide range of brilliant and amusing philosophical speculations and it descants on a variety of styles.

In this classic novel Kundera draws together the Czechoslovakia of the Prague Spring and the Russian invasion, the philosophy of Nietzsche, and the love affairs of a number of heartbreakingly familiar characters.

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
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  • Category : Fiction - Modern Classics
  • Published : 1985 (This Edition 1995 - Faber & Faber)
  • ISBN : 9780571135394
  • SKU : B000622
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External Reviews

"Some books change your mind, some change your heart, the very best change your whole world" . . . . "A mighty piece of work, that will shape your life forever." - Google Reviews.

"Kundera observes the stuff that goes on internally amongst the characters; he intellectualizes it, and tells you about it. He’s quite philosophical, and you feel like the narrator is talking to you, offering very insightful observations about the characters and life in general. This is one reason why reading is often more valuable than watching TV or a movie: when reading a good book you get direct psychological explanations, and you get to go inside the heads of characters." - Goodreads Review.

The Author
Milan Kundera is a Czech writer who went into exile in France in 1975, becoming a naturalised French citizen in 1981. Kundera's Czechoslovak citizenship was revoked in 1979. He received Czech citizenship in 2019. He died in 2023.

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