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Niall Ferguson (Ed.) - Virtual History (Alternatives & Counterfactuals) (2nd Hand Paperback)

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What if Britain had stayed out of the First World War? What if Germany had won the Second? How would England look if there had been no Cromwell? What would the world be like if Communism had never collapsed? And what if John F. Kennedy had lived?

In 1997, Niall Ferguson edited a collection of essays that launched the idea of counterfactual history on the world.

The famous historian F.W. Maitland once remarked that historians should always remember that events which are now in the past were once in the future. This was not just a warning against hindsight; it was also pointing out that at any point in the past, the path events actually took was only one of a number of possible paths that they could have taken. Historians often remind readers of this; the Duke of Wellington himself remarked that the Battle of Waterloo was a close-run thing and that it could easily have gone the other way.

However Ferguson went much further than historians had done before and edited a set of essays that posited a number of counterfactuals and then tried to imagine how history might have been different.

These "What if’s?" included a royalist victory in the English Civil War, a settlement of the grievances of the American colonists which meant they did not need to declare themselves independent, a Nazi invasion of Britain and a President Kennedy who was not assassinated.

In this acclaimed book, leading historians from Andrew Roberts to Michael Burleigh explore what might have been if nine of the most decisive moments in modern history had never happened.

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External Reviews

"Quite brilliant, inspiring for the layman and an enviable tour de force for the informed reader . . . a wonderful book . . . lucid, exciting and easy to read"Literary Review.

The Editor

Niall Campbell Ferguson (born 18 April 1964) is a Scottish historian and the Milbank Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and is miles better than Neil Oliver.

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